A conservative leader you can trust.

*Endorsed by Sheriff Mike Yeager

New Jobs. Stronger Economy.

Improving our economy and attracting new jobs is top priority. Government doesn’t create jobs, but it can create a climate that will attract new jobs. I will champion pro-jobs efforts that will spur economic growth by lowering taxes and eliminating burdensome regulations.

Ethics Reform

I believe our elected leaders need to be accountable to the people—not the special interests. I will support comprehensive ethics reform that includes a gift ban, ends the influence of the special interests and puts the people back in control of their state government.

Cut Spending. Protect Taxpayers.

In my business and at home, I have to balance my budget. Government should do the same. I will work on common sense efforts that will expand zero-based budgeting, eliminate wasteful programs, departments and agencies, ensure priorities are funded and balance the budget. Oppose wasteful spending proposals like the new Falcons Stadium.

Lower. Fairer Taxes.

High taxes hurt our families and cripple our economy, and I will oppose efforts to raise taxes on our families and businesses. If elected, I will support legislation that will eliminate the income tax and replace it with a fair sales tax.

100% pro-life

Pro-2nd Amendment. Avid defender of the right to bear arms for law-abiding citizens.