A conservative leader you can trust.

I am running for State House because

now more than ever our families need and deserve an ethical, conservative leader

they can trust to champion our interests and values at the State Capitol.

Georgia is facing a lot of tough challenges in this upcoming session. In fact, whoever is elected in this Special Election, will most likely be voting on some tough issues on day 1. That’s why we need a leader we can trust to stand firm for our conservative values and stand up to the special interests.

As a proud conservative, I believe in the principle that the government that governs the least, governs the best. I am not a career politician. I am a husband and father who is concerned about what the future will hold for my son, your children and this community. I am committed to making the future brighter for our families.

As your Representative, my top priority will be improving our economy through common sense efforts that will cut and lower taxes. And I am committed to passing strong ethics reform that will make our government accountable to the people—not the special interests.